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Help People in Your Community Achieve Their Dreams

Constructive Lending Is At Your Service to Help You Get Financing for Home Renovation and Repairs

How It Works

Get Constructive

Apply online or call (844) 940-1001 to offer your customers powerful financial alternatives • Once approved, you’re good to go

  • Apply online or call (844) 940-1001 to offer your customers powerful financing alternatives
  • Once approved, you’re good to go

Get Clients Onboard

Simple application process • Real-time loan approval • High approval rates • Digital signatures for speed • Access to all loan information via mobile app

  • Simple application process
  • Real-time loan approval
  • High approval rates
  • Digital signatures for speed
  • Access to all loan information via mobile app

Get Paid

Get paid directly — no holdbacks or reserves at funding • Get financing for multiple products at the same time

  • Get paid directly — no holdbacks or reserves at funding
  • Get financing for multiple projects at the same time

Our Fundamental Mission

  • We believe in bringing people together to improve our communities
  • We improve our communities with intelligent solutions that are simple to use and forward-looking
  • We help you get financing for home renovations and repairs

Constructive brings together a team of general contractors and experts in finance and real estate that has combined decades of experience in lending and home renovation. See Constructive Companies.

We help you get clients funded and get out of your way.

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